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Unichem Pharmacy, sponsor of Motueka Online

John and Tran Burt are Motueka's newest pharmacists. In 2015 they became the owners of the Unichem Pharmacy (what was once Amcal, beside the Medlab medical testing clinic) at 162 High Street, as well as the Greenwood Street Pharmacy.

Both John and Tran are experienced pharmacists, having managed pharmacies before but this is their first venture into business on their own.

"We're focused on providing a solid professional service. We focus on pharmacy care and advice," says John. "We have an awesome staff and they've helped us carry on business as usual. Our regulars are still coming and the service and friendliness is the same."

Here is a photo to show where the new Unichem is on the west side of High Street, just south of the museum.

Unichem, unlike the previous Australian owned Amcal, is a New Zealand-wide franchise. "We pool resources to enable us to purchase at good prices so we can pass on the benefits to everyone. And we advertise specials together," says John.

Health advice
John and Tran are available to discuss any health issues and concerns folk may have. They'll advise whether symptoms can be relieved by over the counter medicines or whether you ought to see a doctor. If your condition is something that can't be treated over the counter they're happy to write a referral note you can take to your doctor. "We are quite focused on people taking their medication correctly." So they'll give advice too.

Free blood pressure testing
They remind everyone that blood pressure testing is free. Just pop in. Also available, after a consultation are emergency contraception, Silvasta (commonly known as the little blue pill), and an antibiotic for urinary tract infections.

Other benefits
* Free delivery around Motueka.
* There's no fax fee.
* Medico packs are only $5.
* No extra charge for cutting tablets.
* A customer car park at the rear of the building.

Contact Unichem Motueka:
Phone: 528 9559