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Tell us about an upcoming public event in Motueka

We welcome any news of events coming up that we can place on MotuekaOnline's events calendar for you. As a general guideline, the event must be Motueka based, and be open to the public. (If you want to publicise an event that is for members of a club or group only, please do so on the dedicated page for that group.)

Note that if the event is a programme or course with specific start and end dates, please request its positioning on the Courses & Programmes page. If it is for an event that takes place regularly with no specific start or finish date, it needs to go on the Regular Events page.

Also note that we may need to confirm that you are a resident of this area, and that the event is what is claimed. Hence you will need to include contact details for us to get back to you.

Please make sure you provide here at least:
 •  The name of the event,
 •  The date(s) and time(s) it is taking place,
 •  The location or venue,
 •  The purpose of the event, explaining what will take place and who the event is for (eg, children only)

You may contribute your event details using either the form below, or simply emailing them to this address (in which case, please make sure you include your name and contact details, as well as event details).

Your name:

Email address:

Contact phone number:

Write all pertinent details about the event here: