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Motueka's young people in the news

The following news items, many of which are already posted on this website under the general news section, relate to things being done by young people in Motueka:

Youth project teams take their first steps

(June 30): Three small youth-oriented projects will kick off during July as a result of the follow-up meeting last night of the Motueka Youth Summit. Full article »

Youth activities planned to liven up the town

(June 17): An informal group of young people and youth leaders are organising a variety of activities around Motueka aiming to inject some life and colour to the town. Full article »

Creative talents on show outside museum

(June 7): The Motueka Museum forecourt was a focus of creative activity for a while yesterday when people gathered to express their artistic talents while listening to live background music. Full article, photos »

Facebook group looks at youthful creative spaces

(May 28): The first product of the Motueka Youth Summit held on Monday has been born - a dynamic Facebook group called "Motueka Youth Creative Spaces". Full article »

Positive outcomes emerge at Motueka Youth Summit

(May 27): A new Facebook site to promote and coordinate creative youth activities in Motueka was one of the positive and tangible outcomes of the Youth Summit held on Monday. Full article, photos »

Youth to provide input to Motueka's future plans

(May 19): The final event of the month-long Motueka 2030 programme will explore how the town can better cater for, engage with and retain today's young people. Full article »

Local anti-bullying project gets more funding

(May 8): A local youth-oriented bullying prevention programme has received funding to expand on the project and to work with a younger, intermediate-school aged group. Full article »

Govt funding to improve behaviour in Thorp Bush

(July 30): The Motueka branch of the Tasman Youth Council has received $20,000 in government funding to address negative behaviour occurring in Thorp Bush. Full article »

High School talent quest among the best ever

(May 24): Talent Quest 2014 was celebrating 50 years as an event at Motueka High School on Thursday night, as well as 25 years of support from Talley's. Full article »

Anti-bullying music album ready for release

(April 28, 2014): During the past couple of months young people across the Nelson Tasman region have been busy writing songs and recording music inspired by there experiences with bullying. Full article »

Youth band tour returns for another year

(May 15, 2013): The Tasman Band Tour returns to the region, with three all-ages music gigs taking place in Richmond, Motueka and Golden Bay over consecutive weekends in June. Full article »

Tasman Band Tour to showcase local rock talent

(May 15, 2012): The Tasman Band Tour is set to return to the region, with three all-ages music gigs scheduled to take place in Richmond, Motueka and Golden Bay on consecutive weekends in June. Full article »

Youth Council organises 'Mad Mish Through Mot'

(May 14): How much do you know about the best town in New Zealand? Our Youth Council's "Mad Mish Through Mot" is set to test your physical, mental and navigational abilities. Full article »

Call goes out to celebrate young volunteers

(April 3): During Volunteer Awareness Week 2012, Nelson-Tasman will celebrate the voluntary efforts of our region's young people, with a special ceremony hosted by the New Hub on the evening of Thursday 21st June. Full article »

Young photographers to capture the magic of Motueka

(August 26): Want a chance to show off the magic of Motueka? Feel like you're a bit of a pro (or a semi-pro!) with a camera? Here's your chance to show us what you've got! Full article »

Little Day Out draws a vibrant, happy crowd

(July 3): The Motueka Youth Council's, 'The Little Day Out' proved to be a success last Sunday when the event attracted approximately 160 youth from around the Tasman region. Full article, photos »

Two more winning article contributors chosen

(July 1): Our monthly Take Note prizes for best articles submitted to Motueka Online during June were won by two High School students, Sophie Harrison and Gemma Lamont. Full article »

Breakfast Club organisers receive youth volunteer award

(June 29): After successfully implementing healthy eating at Motueka High School for two and a half years, seven Breakfast Club volunteers have been presented with the Nelson Tasman Youth Volunteer Special Group award. Full article »

Survey shows library upgrade should stay on-site

(June 23): When the Motueka Library receives its long-overdue expansion and upgrade, it should be on its current site rather than being built in a new location. This was the main finding of a resident survey conducted by the Motueka High School Year 10 Community Issues class. Full article »

Vinnies making blankets to ward off the cold

(June 22): Are you interested in helping people in need keep warm this winter? The Vinnies are launching a community-based Peggy Square project to create blankets for people in our local community to remain snug and warm over these cold Winter months. Full article »

Sandcastles organiser nominated for Volunteer Award

(May 31): The Motueka High School Year 10 student who ran the "Sandcastles for Christchurch" competition will be recognised for his efforts at the Nelson Tasman Youth Volunteer awards ceremony to be held in three weeks. Full article, photos »

Theatre production to address youth partying

(May 12): A safer-partying theatre production will play in Motueka as part of a tour of the top of the south, to encourage young people to make better choices around partying. Full article »

Young people gear up for Youth Week activities

(May 9): Young people and youth agencies in Nelson-Tasman are gearing up for a week-long programme of youth activities, events and exhibitions as Youth Week for 2011 is celebrated across the Top of the South. Full article »

Youth Council ready to host Little Day Out

(June 6): After months of planning and work, one of Motueka's big youth events for the year is just about ready and rearing to go on Saturday June 25th. Full article »

Nominations open for the Nelson Tasman Youth Volunteer Awards

(Apr 27): Know a young person making a difference in our community? Nominations are now open for the Nelson Tasman Youth Volunteer Awards. Full article »

Imagine Theatre show delights audience with local talent

(Apr 1): There can be no argument that Imagine Theatre's Christchurch Earthquake Performance is value for money - after all, admission was just $5. But it was much more than that, offering both a lively, fun-filled variety concert and an insight into some of the emerging entertainment talent of the district. Full article, photos »

Violence prevention programme comes to Motueka

(Mar 31): Nelson Women's and Children's Refuge Services are now running the Stopping Domestic Violence Tamariki and Rangatahi programmes in Motueka. These are education groups for children and young people aged 5 to 17 years. Full article »

Happy crowd at Parklands Turangawaewae festival

(Mar 26): A large and happy crowd mingled, ate and laughed at Parklands School's Turangawaewae multi-cultural festival yesterday as they were entertained by a variety of performances by the school's range of ethnic groups. Full article, photos »

Imagine Theatre prepares to launch another creative year

(Mar 25): Motueka's theatre group, Imagine Theatre, will kick off its 2011 year of fun, drama and creativity with its Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Performance concert starting next Thursday, March 31st. Full article »

Applications sought for Tasman Youth Council

(Feb 17): Recruitment for the 2011 Tasman Youth Council has begun, with applications currently being accepted for interested young people to join and make a difference in their local communities. Full article »

Tasman council offers underwriting fund for youth events

(Nov 17): Do you have a great idea for a youth event? Do you want to see more things happening for young people? The TUFFE scheme offers backup funding of up to $500 for safe, fun events which are organised by young people for young people. For details, check out TDC's website for details, or contact Paul McConachie 03 543 8525.

Budding talent shines at Annual Youth Concert

(Nov 4): Motueka's young musicians put on a treat for the near full house at the two-hour Youth Concert held last night at the Chanel Arts Centre. Full article, heaps of photos »

Finn Bulman: Student leader in community services and Youth Councillor

(October 8th, 2010): The September holidays are nearly over and Finn Bulman is relaxing in her family's Motueka Valley home overlooking productive fields and her nearby beloved river. Soon things will be getting serious as she prepares for her final term and exams at Motueka High School. Full profile »

Hip hop dancer receives Community grant for Melbourne trip

(Sept 15): Motueka-based Ashley Belk, one of 11 members of the Nelson/Tasman medal-winning Origin Hip Hop Crew, has been granted $500 by the Motueka Community Board to help them compete in the Australasian Hip Hop Championships to be held in Melbourne in October. Full article »

Positive response to BMX riders' appeal

(Aug 13): The group of BMX riders who have been building jump facilities beside the Skate Park, and who two weeks ago appealed for help from the public and Council for some extra needs, have received some positive assistance from Council and residents. Full article »

BMX enthusiasts need more clay to continue project

(July 29): A group of BMX enthusiasts have shown that if you want something enough you can achieve it with hard work, but now they need some help - in the unusual form of more clay - to further develop the jumping area they have created. Full article »

Johny O'Donnell: a voice for youth and an aspiring politician

(July 21): Not all high school dropouts do so out of laziness. Johny is an example of one who chose to leave school early in order to focus, for now, on issues about which he's passionate - advocating for youth and giving them a voice on the political stage. He's only 16, but this strapping, well-spoken Motueka lad is already making waves nationally. Full profile »

Laura Mueller: student leader and dancing teacher looks to the future

(July 10): For one who's been considered shy in the past, Year 13 student Laura Mueller is now dedicating much of her efforts at school and in the community into helping other young people who are shy, particularly those who want to use dancing as an outlet. Laura was recently recognised at the 2010 Tasman Volunteer Youth Awards. Full profile »

Council takes a creative approach to Graffiti Vandalism

(July 8): A creative youth-led approach could help to stamp out graffiti vandalism in Richmond and Motueka. The 'Pride of Place - Tasman Graffiti Vandalism Prevention Project' has had a productive first year, creating a plan on how to tackle the problem. Full article »

Kate Markham: busy mother and innovative youth worker

(June 6): Kate got into youth work largely by accident, but this busy mother of three has taken to the task of helping at-risk youths with the vigour and empathy of a fully trained professional. See has also become involved in a range of community activities that have, invariably, been linked to the interests and activities of her growing children. Full profile »

Ideas sought for Skate Park improvements

(July 2): The council has allocated some money to the Motueka skate park. What would you like to see it spent on? More jumps and pipes? Better drainage? A reseal of the skatepark? Make your suggestions here »

High School research highlights High Street traffic issues

(June 25): Results of research by Bruce Reid's Year 11 Community Issues class show that Motueka residents are concerned about traffic problems in High Street, and that the road's owner NZTA needs to work more on public relations so Motueka people feel better consulted. Full article »

"Will: The Lost Years" a hit for energy and not-stop action

(June 24): Got the mid-winter blues? Need an energy boost? Then you could do far worse than watching the high-octane production of "Will: The Lost Years" at Motueka High School. Don't rest your eyes for a second - there's always some action taking place somewhere on the set. Read the full review »

Laura Mueller wins a 2010 regional Volunteer Youth Award

(June 17): The community work of Motueka High School year 13 student Laura Mueller was acknowledged at the recent Tasman Volunteer Youth Awards ceremony held in Nelson. Full article »

'The Voyage of the Jumblies' was top family entertainment

(June 3): Imagine Theatre produced a highly enjoyable stage story with the family production The Voyage of the Jumblies at Motueka's Memorial Hall. The show was full of young talent in both acting and singing departments. Full review »

Students help keep needy residents warm

(May 17): Students at St Peter Chanel School associated with St Vincent de Paul, also known as the Vinnies, has been loading and distributing firewood to Motueka's needy folk to help them keep warm through the winter. Full article »

Kids involve themselves in fund raising for the community

(Apr 5): Two recent examples of children working to improve our community: A group selling pinecones to raise funds for Kids Congress, and Riwaka cubs gathering donations for the SPCA. Full article »

Youth worker car dismantling passes initial target

(Apr 4): Youths working on the dismantling of the youth workers' vehicle at Get Safe Motueka have successfully reached their target of raising $500 through the sale of parts and are still to dismantle the engine and motor. Full article »

Festival Day at Parklands School

(Mar 27): Parklands School and Our Town Motueka hosted a colourful and happy day in warm sunshine yesterday, celebrating Turangawaewae (our place) with food, music, dance and costumes from a wide range of cultures. We took some photos to show you. Photos »

Free information for parents of teenagers

(Mar 5): Parents of teenagers can now sign up to a free information service provided by Health Action Trust, to keep them aware of things that are aimed at them which they might not otherwise hear about. Full article »

Graphics students to help prepare Motueka Online

(Feb 8): Four Motueka High School 7th form students are working on graphics design elements for the Motueka Online website in preparation for its public launch. Full article »

Tara Forde, Motueka Community Board member

(December 12): One of New Zealand's youngest local government politicians believes in possibilities, positives and grass-roots democracy - and learning the art of listening. "Young means being open to seeing what's happening and what could be," says Tara Forde, one of four elected members of the Motueka Community Board. Full profile »

Street Ambassadors to defuse youth aggression

(Nov 19): Young Motuekans will have the support of Street Ambassadors this summer, in a Tasman District Council initiative that aims to defuse and lessen aggressive and anti-social activities including graffiti. Full article »