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This part of the website provides a way for volunteers and organisations to match their offerings and needs. Initially we provided pages for people to advertise the sorts of skills they offered, and for organisations to advertise their needs for helpers.

However, in recent years the pages have not been used. In 2013 Volunteer Nelson created an excellent website which offered the same sorts of facilities but in a far more efficient, effective and user-friendly manner. Their website covers the whole of Nelson-Tasman and has many listings for Motueka.

We now encourage you to use this website. You can go to it by clicking on

Why volunteer?

[This was written in June 2010 by community board chairman David Ogilvie.]

Without any doubt, volunteers are the heroes of our community. Their contribution in maintaining and embellishing the fabric of Motueka life is huge. Their selfless involvement in education, recreation, health, cultural activities, hobby and social groups and a myriad of local organisations is seldom sufficiently recognised.

One of the roles of the Motueka Community Board is to communicate with community organisations and special interest groups within the community. Board members endeavour to do this through their own involvement in local groups; being available to listen and liaise with others; to advocate on their behalf with the District Council; occasionally to provide some funding.

What becomes clearly obvious is the continual search for new, interested and dedicated people to administer, coach and help in any practical way. It is always refreshing when newcomers become involved with new ideas and new methods. The welcome mat extended is generous and extended. The benefits for all members are mutual.

Also is the consistent requirement for funds. While volunteers provide their time willingly and freely, funding is needed for necessary resources and to progress the organisation. Much work is done at very low cost. Moreover, the treasurer is often busy applying for grants from lotteries, trusts, foundations and Council, while contacting local businesses and arranging street stalls, raffles and similar activities.

Amazingly, the numerous volunteer networks and systems work without fanfare and function remarkably smoothly. Even during a recession and despite the demands and constraints of family, work and time, volunteer groups make a significant contribution to our life.

Motueka has a wonderful debt of gratitude to its own people for so much of what makes our district special - an independent, resourceful, vibrant and caring community.