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The Motueka police station is located at 66-68 High Street, Motueka (opposite Inglis Street), and is staffed by 22 staff who cover an area from Dominion Road just before Mapua, to Woodstock in the Motueka Valley, to the top of the Takaka Hill and up to Seperation Point in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Of these 22 staff there are 2 CIB Detectives, 2 management staff, 2 traffic dedicated staff, as well as 2 community constables, a youth aid officer and a heavy vehicle inspector. The remainder do the 24-hour frontline policing.

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated team who take pride in living in a relatively safe area and we all strive to keep it as crime free as possible. This is proven in our station clearance rates (solving crime) which are one of the highest in New Zealand at almost 60% of all reported crime solved.

While fortunate to live in such a trouble free area, there are still dishonest people who will take any given opportunity to steal - so please don't leave valuables on view in your vehicles or give a thief an easy target. Please remember to allow time for your journey and also that a lot of tourists visit our area and they aren't familiar with the roads.

We strongly encourage you to report any crime to us - we can't solve it if we dont know about it! We have a lot of found property handed into us so check in with us before leaving the area if you have lost something.

And we also encourage you to phone us as soon as you see something amiss. So often we get reports of things far too late and can't do much about it. You can phone any time day/night. If the station is unattended because the staff are out, the answerphone message gives you the option of being transferred to the Nelson police who can contact the Motueka staff by radio immediately.

If you have any confidential information about offending anywhere in New Zealand, please contact the anonymous CRIME STOPPERS line on 0800 555 111.

Be safe out there !

Contact details:
Phone: (03) 528 1220
Fax: (03) 528 1221

Current Police Report

Published September 8th

It is great that the days are getting longer and the frosts are getting less severe. Over the last 2 weeks there have been several incidents and accidents involving vehicles and poor driving.

An unlocked car was stolen from a driveway in Motueka at night and an intoxicated local youth was located in it a short while later. Another driver was apprehended after doing a prolonged skid - he had been drinking alcohol and refused a blood sample.

Both people now have a court appearance as a result. They will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of 6 months. If they get caught driving whilst disqualified the car they are driving will be impounded for 28 days, regardless of who owns it, and they will be off to court again.

It will also cost more than $300 to get the car out of the impound yard after the 28 days and they will receive a longer period of disqualification and a fine or community work. The message is here is that the consequences will be significant!

The unlocked car was the third that owner has had stolen and all had been left unlocked. Please make sure your car is locked, even if it is up your driveway. Unfortunately thieves don't respect your property boundaries but if you make sure all your gear is secure you will make life a lot harder for them.

A car was hit from behind, luckily with no major injury and a local youth was warned after skidding on a wet road with a car load of friends. Either of these incidents could have turned out very differently.

Nobody leaves home thinking "I'm going to have a crash today", but because they make a bad judgement, get frustrated and overtake, drink alcohol and drive or go to fast for the conditions they put themselves and other road users at risk.

Be careful out there.

Grant Heney GHD036, Community Constable, Motueka

Ph : 03 970 5271 (Direct)