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Motueka-based Blogsites and Facebook pages

General-audience blogsites written and maintained by Motueka people

Written by Motueka and Golden Bay News reporter Alastair Paulin, this is not actually a blog but in many ways is better than one. Alastair writes a fortnightly column in The Nelson Mail about his experiences after moving to Motueka.

Written by a keen Motueka gardener, motivated mainly by the need to provide her large family with fresh healthy food - a blog for sharing gardening and crafty pursuits and the challenges of being a parent and a person.

Land of the Long White Cloud
A blog by Joanna Santa Barbara about various aspects of her interest in the environment, sustainability and the Atamai eco-village.

Blackers Blog
Written by Paul Blackham, it provides expert analysis and general articles on financial trends and markets, house markets and economics in general from a kiwi point of view.

Workplace Development Matters
Written by Tom Watkins, it provides insights from a professional business mentor into how workplaces and organisations can operate more efficiently and thrive rather than just exist.

Motueka High School Outdoor Education
See what the High School Outdoor Education students get up to on the water and in the bush - used to keep families up to date with the adventures the students undertake.

Lower Moutere School
Each class at the school has a page on which pupils present their own blogs. Click on the room number to see each class.

Parklands School
Parklands also provides blog pages for its pupils. From the home page, click on 'Class Finder' and then click on the room numbers (R2 to R10-11 and Whanau) to see each class's blogs.

Facebook sites of businesses or organisations based in Motueka


If you are a local and publish a blog or a Facebook page that you think would be of interest to Motueka people, then please tell us about it here so we can link to it. Your blog doesn't have to be about Motueka, but it must not contain offensive or libellous material. (Or just send us an email to