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Vision Motueka confirms its 2016 project list

March 30th, 2016

The Vision Motueka Board of Trustees has decided upon its 2016 annual plan for community development and projects.

Leading the project list are three challenging initiatives that Vision Motueka is working on in partnership with other leading Motueka organisations - the indoor swimming pool, a library and community hub, and a new signature event for Motueka based around food.

Along with these and several other projects, the community development group is also aiming to devote resources to activities that strengthen the Motueka community's connectedness and the engagement of residents in civic activities.

Recently re-elected chairman David Armstrong said that the project list is "challenging but achievable", but depends on how much time it's volunteer trustees can contribute.

"It's also vital to note that none of these larger projects are being carried out by Vision Motueka alone," he said.

"We have established really strong partnerships with other people and key organisations, and together we believe we can achieve ambitious goals, especially those which do not rely on local government to go ahead."

Vision Motueka for the first time will also make formal submissions on issues or projects which Tasman District Council will be tackling in the Motueka Ward, including the use of reserves, State Highway 60, and of course the 2016/17 and 2017/18 annual plans.

It will also run a "Meet the Candidates" public meeting leading up to the local government elections in October.

The group manages several social media pages, including its own Facebook page and the hugely popular Motueka 2030 Facebook group, and intends to use these even more in the future to engage the population in discussions about Motueka's future.

The project list which Vision Motueka has agreed to tackle through 2016 includes:

  • The Community Swimming Pool fundraising. Vision is partnering with Good Sports Motueka and other individual committee members to raise funds to enclose the high school pool. Its role is principally in strategic planning and public relations.
  • Library and Community Hub. Vision Motueka has members working in a team that includes the Community Board and TDC staff to work through the steps required to plan and develop this vital facility in Wallace Street.

    "Contributions are necessarily constrained by the regulations and processes which TDC must work through in terms of official community consultation, land designation, and relationships with other potential users of the hub," David said.

    "As the original proposers of the project, Vision will endeavour to remain the 'ginger group' that ensures timelines are kept community engagement and education is facilitated."

    Vision will prepare a submission around November into Council's first discussions on the 2017/18 Annual Plan, to advocate for fund allocation on a feasibility study and consultation.
  • Harvest festival event. A broad community planning group under the organisational umbrella of Vision Motueka is actively working on the design of a signature annual event celebrating Motueka's special role in producing outstanding food. Details of the event and its funding are being put together over coming months.
  • Ultrafast broadband. Vision Motueka remains one of the team representing local businesses and the Marae and other Internet users aiming to persuade the government to roll out ultrafast broadband to Motueka. At present this work is awaiting government decisions.
  • Volunteers celebration and awards. Vision Motueka will again be responsible for organising this event in 2016, with part of the aim being to further solidify the event template that will enable another group potentially to take on this annual event.
  • Skills training for youth. One Vision trustee will take on the task through 2016 to develop a scope, needs analysis and potential plan for some sort of skills training system and facility(ies) for local young people.

    This team leader will identify all the skills training already available to Motueka youth, and all of the existing organisations which offer such training, and investigate the possibility of both setting up one or more partnerships of existing providers and/or developing new facilities and courses where gaps and potential solutions are identified.

    The end of the project will be a report back to the board for consideration as the basis of a development project for 2017.

Of note is that Vision Motueka has no plans for further town murals. Getting people to design and help with the "River" mural on Whitwells wall became so difficult that it has been decided to discontinue the mural project, at least for now or unless other groups take it on.


Comment by Sue Clark:
[Posted 30 March 2016]

Your visions are clear and achievable - good luck, all these visions require dedication and hard work but the results will be amazing! I am sure you have a good team working alongside you.

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