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Motueka recognises its outstanding volunteers

October 17th, 2016

The invaluable contribution to the Motueka community of volunteers was recognised at Memorial Hall yesterday at a social event culminating in the presentation of 10 special awards.

The annual event, hosted and organised by Vision Motueka, involved about 60 people who work voluntarily for the couple of dozen community groups who accepted invitations to attend.

Apart from the superb afternoon tea put on by the Crafty Tarts group and their crafty decorations of the tables, the highlight was the presentation of 10 special plaques to volunteers chosen from the list of people nominated.

This year, because of the extra large number of nominations and difficulties in judging the top 10, 19 other people received Certificates of Appreciation for their work.

Vision Motueka members Linda Glew and David Armstrong introduced the afternoon briefly explaining why volunteers are so important to the health and future of Motueka.

"As a broadly focused community group, Vision Motueka's primary goal is to develop, promote and support activities which build what we understand as 'community'," David said.

"That's how we live together, look after each other, and create and grow a better future for all of us.

"We firmly believe that a vital part of our collective goal is the work of our many community volunteers and organisations, who do so much of the work that makes Motueka such a great place to live."

The audience also enjoyed entertainment from singer and guitarist Linda Bartlett, and a happy farewell from Paul Bond and his musical group Ukulele Crazeee.

The event was made possible thanks to a grant from Tasman District Council, foodstuffs for afternoon tea from New World Motueka, and funds from Vision Motueka.

Award recipients and and their citations

Huia Rugby Club - Dion Iorns
Dion is an all rounder volunteer. For many years he has played a large part in the success of the Huia JAB club. He is a Huia Committee member and a JAB delegate. Dion has been coaching for 8 years and is co-coach of the Country rep. junior rugby team. He has a firm but positive coaching style with concern for the players going beyond the game of rugby. He sees the team as a family and shows support when difficulties affect players or their families.

Tennis Club - Agnes McNabb
Agnes has been with the club since 1964, that's 52 years! In her time she has been a coach, selector and administrator of many tournaments. She has held several roles as President, Vice President, Club Captain and Committee member. As current Club Captain she is the key organiser of interclub tournaments. On club days which are held three times each week, Agnes is there early to make sure everything is clean and tidy ready for the players. She loves the club's 'have a go' day, providing children with refreshments and a big welcome. As a player in her younger days she proudly represented Motueka as a tennis rep player. She is still a keen tennis player and offers support to new players.

Rangers Rugby Club - Sarah Thomas
The Rangers Rugby club would not have grown in size without Sarah's dedication to all the areas of work that are needed to keep it operational. With 5 Junior or JAB teams and 67 players, Sarah is busy doing paper work, and she is the liaison person between team managers, coaches and all of the JAB families. Sarah works about 10 hours per week during the rugby season. Sarah organises all the voluntary shop staff, purchases all the supplies and works in the shop herself. She involves herself in all kinds of fundraising for the club.

Victim Support - June Vincent
June has worked with Victim Support since 2013. She is on the local committee who raise awareness, fundraising and support for volunteer Victim Support workers in the Motueka and Golden Bay areas. She offers to cover gaps in their roster so that they can provide cover 24 hours and 7 days per week. June was also heavily involved in fundraising work to rebuild the St Andrews Church, and has been involved with the Abbeyfield group as a member of their board and committee for some time. June has invested a huge amount of time and energy over the years in the wellbeing of our local people.

Woodlands Rest Home - Libby Norgate
At 15 years of age, Libby is the rest home's youngest volunteer and works every Monday morning setting up games to play with residents. She assists with Housie and takes residents out for walks on a regular basis. She is very committed and Woodlands staff say it is great to see someone of her age involved with the elderly residents of our community. It is really building bridges between the different age groups.

SeniorNet - Maureen Hutton
Maureen has been an active member of SeniorNet for over 12 years. She has held many roles during that time on the committee. Maureen's knowledge, inspiration and sense of fun in her most recent role as Education Coordinator has been invaluable. SeniorNet recognises Maureen's wonderful contribution, generosity and willingness to "go the extra mile with a smile".

Motueka Junior Football Club James Monaghan
James until recently was the Chair of the Motueka Junior Football Club. His roles were various - doing registrations, preparing the fields, organising the gear, and dealing with sponsors. As a result of his all-round work, time and energy the club is enjoying an increase in player numbers. He continues to be an outstanding team member.

Hospice Shop - Margaret Harrison
Margaret has recently retired from her role at the Hospice shop, where she worked since 2003 along with other volunteers. Margaret has been dedicated in her work with the community, working for 14 years with Meals on Wheels and was a coordinator for the Red Cross group.

Community Gardens - Ellen Baldwin
Ellen has been with the Gardens founding group since the gardens began 6 years ago. She takes on the voluntary role of coordinator of the community gardens. There is hardly a day when she is not seen working in the gardens, organising volunteers who come to help her. Ellen organises the distribution of surplus produce to deserving community causes, to Te Awhina Marae when they opened their doors to victims of Christchurch earthquakes, and providing vegetables for the Salvation Army's weekly dinner for the needy. She is the Gardens' prized Kuia and Whaea.

Crafty Tarts - Val Armstrong
Val founded Crafty Tarts just over 4 years ago as a skills sharing group for ordinary people who are interested in a variety of crafts. They meet regularly to learn new skills from others. Under her guidance the group has made crafts for several charitable causes. These include dozens of quilts for Operation Coverup for orphans in Eastern Europe, and more recently clothing and knitting for people in our own community, including rest homes. Crafty Tarts has also made craft products for fundraising raffles for other organisations, and made thousands of poppies that were exhibited in High Street shops during the Anzac Centenary. Largely thanks to Val's leadership and drive, she has drawn together a good team of active crafters and helpers, and built the membership of the group to over 50 people.


All award recipients present at the event



Photos of certificate recipients and and their citations

Riding for Disabled - Julie Holt
Julie has been a dedicated member of RDA for 5 years and is one of their longest standing and hardest working members. She teaches beginner riders confidence and pony care as coach of beginning riding lessons. Julie is an integral part in running events and fundraising efforts.

Huia JAB RFC - Joanne Griffiths
Joanne has been at the forefront of all the organising for the club for 8 years - from registration day to sausage sizzles, fundraising, organising coaches and managers and preparing for prize giving.

Woodlands Rest Home - Ian and Marlene Willets, George Riordan
Ian and Marlene play Housie with residents every week, which is of great enjoyment to the residents.
George has been coming to the rest home for many years. He plays the keyboard and brightens up the residents with sing-along songs and music.

Jack Inglis Friendship Hospital - Lois Cook, Janice Hendon, Marijke Lups
Janice arrives every Friday afternoon to spend time with the dementia unit residents helping with afternoon tea, activities, one to one sessions, walks, reading and generally helping staff.
Lois sits down and reads the newspaper to the residents, serves morning tea, leads activities and reads short stories and trivia quizes on a regular basis.
Marijke brings her lovely dog Ollie each week to join the residents who delight in his playful antics. Ollie is the residents' Pet Therapy.

Slipper Ladies - Faith Wells
Faith and the slipper ladies Ethel and Lynette have knitted 1200 pairs of slipper sox for many of Motueka's school children to wear in their classrooms.

Judo Club - Francis Overend, Glenda Brewer
Francis is one of the founding members of the club and has remained an integral member for the past 53 years! He still serves on the committee and is patron of the club.
Glenda has held a number of committee roles within the club for many years since her children joined the club - now her son Mark is at the Olympic standard in his sport of judo.

Keep Motueka Beautiful - Dawn Jones
Dawn works energetically on Motueka's first food forest at the Ledger-Goodman Reserve, keeping on top of the invasive grass and looking after the fledgling edible planting all year round. She helps with the Community Gardens too, growing seedlings for them. Dawn also helps out in the Pensioner Flat gardens.

Parklands School - Silvia Hart
Silvia assists one of the staff to help struggling readers within the school. The museum also relies on a good deal of voluntary help from her.

Hospice Shop - Jess Tooker, Maureen Harris, Gloria Bridger
Jess, Maureen and Gloria are stalwart volunteers, having helped in the shop for many years. They show their dedication by coming to work in all weathers - supporting our community and always with a smile and helpfulness.

St John Ambulance - Graham Smith, Brian Clark
Graham does so much for St John with a range of tasks from baking cakes for the Ambulance crew to fixing taps and building new shelves and cupboards. He has been with our team for over 10 years.
Brian has been a volunteer driver on the Community Health Shuttle since 2004. He meets patients at their home, assists them to their appointments and returns them home again - all with kindness, respect and a cheery smile.

Special Olympics - Sue Cleaver
Sue has acted as programme coordinator since the inception of Special Olympics Motueka in 2006. She looks after uniforms, completes funding applications, liaises with other clubs for the benefit of the athletes.

Motueka Junior Football Club - Paul Blackham
Paul supported James Monaghan to restructure the club, preparing it for the next growth step, finding new committee members, bringing the club more into the media.

All certificate recipients present at the event


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