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Pool fundraising committee seeks "friends"

April 12th, 2016

Members of the fundraising committee for the Motueka Community Swimming Pool want to set up a network of supporters - "Friends of the Motueka Pool" - who can help sell raffle tickets, man information booths and other small tasks.

They are aiming to raise up to $400,000 this year to help convert the High School pool into an indoor facility able to be used by the public for much of the year.

"The fundraising committee, about eight of us, have been extremely busy for the past six months working on plans and activities to raise money, small and large," says committee chairman Fred Hickling.

"So far the progress has been quite good, but we do need to step up a bit further if we are to achieve our goal."

A problem they need to address is how to ensure that the committee members don't take on the full load themselves on behalf the whole community.

"We need some help from people outside of our small committee if we are to raise the money we need without absolutely exhausting the committee members who are consistently active.

"We are not looking for any further committee members, unless they volunteer of course, but the gap that we do have is for people who are prepared to occasionally help sell raffle tickets or event tickets, or man information stalls for an hour or so."

The committee has decided to set up a team called "Friends of the Motueka Pool" which will basically be a list of people who say they would be happy to help on small specific tasks from time to time.

"At present we are selling apples and running a raffle on Saturdays outside Westpac to raise funds. We also would like to continue occasional stalls at the Sunday Market, as well as the new car boot sale initiative at Parkes Automotive. A number of other raffles, film nights and similar activities are being planned," Fred says.

"It's hard on the existing committee members to expect them to not only plan fundraisers but also take turns on all these stalls as well, and sell all the event tickets and so on."

The pool committee has a page on Facebook, and from time to time a lot of people have expressed support for their work on that page. The committee hopes that people like these can put their hands up to help in some small ways.

"We know a lot of people support what we are trying to do and think it's a great idea for Motueka, so we hope that some of them can take one small step to help out occasionally.

"If enough people go on our list, we will not need to ask for their help very often through the rest of this year."

Anyone happy to have their name on the list can contact committee members David at 528 4046 or Sue on 027 544 3002.


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