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Article explains key aspects of Motueka 2030

March 30th, 2015

The Motueka 2030 development project being conducted by Vision Motueka received a boost on Saturday by an article in the Nelson Mail explaining the key aspects of the initial community consultation process.

The opinion piece, written by Brooklyn-based Alastair Paulin, was based on his thoughts during a session being interviewed by a Vision Motueka team member, Chris Salt, about his thoughts on the long-term future of Motueka. Read the full article here.

Alastair, the editor of the Tasman Leader, for many years has been a strong advocate for progressive development in Motueka.

Members of the Vision Motueka team say Alastair has distilled the purpose and strategy of the Motueka 2030 project very accurately, using his evident journalistic skills.

Titled "Want to improve your town? Ask the locals how", the article describes the process of sounding out an initial and diverse selection of community people on what they see as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that Motueka faces.

"The trust's approach of going from blue-sky dreaming ... to using wide consultation to come up with a strategic plan, without getting too bogged down in the details of how, makes sense to me," Alastair wrote.

"It is all too easy to let the difficulties of how derail a project before it even starts - and, as I noted in my Weaknesses, there is no shortage of people who will resist any change.

"The Government has made it clear that it wants local government to focus on core issues, and community development is not what it has in mind. And the debt-laden Tasman District Council has also made it clear that nice-to-haves such as community centres and new amenities will get less funding in the future.

"One possible how, which Chris outlined in a paper to the Motueka Community Board last year, is that the community tax itself a few cents a day to build up a development fund."

More detail about the Motueka 2030 project, and how it will unfold over the next two months, can be see on the website,


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