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Vision Motueka chooses its future project goals

October 26th, 2015

Vision Motueka has settled on a programme of projects, endorsed through community consultation, that it believes will make a stronger future for Motueka.

Their board had spent six weeks analysing and evaluating the results of the Motueka 2030 consultation, in which Motueka people indicated through a variety of means what community development initiatives should have high priority.

Those findings and results were reported in August - see our earlier story.

The next stage of the process was to work out which projects were already under way and should continue, which were highly rated and "do-able" by Vision Motueka, and those which were outside the capabilities and resources of the group.

Vision Motueka chairman David Armstrong says the final list is mainly concerned with projects that the group could actually do.

"There are many things which we had to pass up on because they were outside our sphere of influence, such as traffic lights and flood protection.

"Having said that, we can still support advocacy by other organisations such as the community board or council, but we don't have the authority to do lots of things which would be highly beneficial."

He says the final report is not a blueprint for Motueka's future development, and "it certainly does not stop any other community groups or individuals from taking on other projects".

"We just have to be realistic and understand how much we as a group, along with our supporters, can contribute in resources and money.

"But we also see that some larger projects that do require significant resources may be tackled by partnerships of key community groups."

The evaluation report, which can be downloaded here, finds that Vision Motueka is already involved in the following projects, either as a leader or (mostly) as a partner with other groups:

  • Install high-speed broadband throughout the town and surrounds
  • Build a covered swimming pool
  • Build a new, larger library
  • Build a community and visitor hub offering a range of facilities (including the library) in one place
  • Encourage pakeha and Maori to work together on common projects
  • Commission large public art works - murals, sculptures etc
  • Create better advocacy and representation for Motueka
  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship

New projects that they would like to investigate, initiate, organise or partner in are:

  • Investigate the provision of a youth-focused workplace training centre or scheme
  • Organise a large 'signature event' repeated each year, such as a Harvest Festival
  • Improve the quality and usefulness of Thorp's Bush
  • Create a technology, innovation and business hub
  • Create a master plan for the layout, attractions and facilities of Motueka
  • Create a tertiary educational facility for local primary industries
  • Make Motueka known as a great area to retire comfortably to
  • Encourage more Maori cultural features in the town
  • Plan for an ageing community

David also says that this project list is not final, and Vision Motueka expects that new projects will arise from time to time which may be included.


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