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Motueka 2030 programme off to solid start

May 4th, 2015

The Motueka 2030 programme officially began yesterday with a light-hearted but thought-provoking drop-in day at Memorial Hall, attended by a little over 100 people.

The group of organisers, led by Vision Motueka, ended the day happy with what a taken place, saying that most of those who did attend became really involved in the process of thinking about the future of the town.

A range of activities was set up around the hall, and most people took time at each activity. The first was to write down on a sheet of paper hanging from the wall what you loved about Motueka.

Some of the attendees discussing and writing their ideas of Motueka's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

This led on to some deeper thinking in what was called a SWOT analysis - writing on separate sheets what you thought were Motueka's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

In between was an interesting competition - working out from photographs of faces the names of 20 "Motueka legends", people who had been raised in Motueka and gone on to make a large name on the world stage in sport, business, politics etc.

Along the other wall, a voting system using pebbles in glass jars was used to gain opinions of a yes/no fashion on 20 issues faced by Motueka today.

There was also a 45-item questionnaire on another range of issues, which is being repeated through the month on the Internet and at a stand in front of the museum during working days.

Children and young families we looked after in the supper room with face painting, playing with toys provided by the Toy Library, and drawing visions of what Motueka might look like in 2030.

A free sausage sizzle and tea and biccies was also an attraction.

Organisers said what was most pleasing was that, while the number of people coming through over the four hours was not particularly great, almost all of them spent quite a bit of time there and became involved in interesting discussions about the present and future of the town.

"It was an excellent way to start a month of activity, when we can encourage the town to pause, think about their town, and have their say in what future direction it should take," said a spokesman for the group of organisers.

There will be six further events taking place during the month, including a large Economic Summit and a Youth Summit.

The questionnaires will also be available for filling out at a booth outside the museum on most working days, and a Facebook group page is running very actively during the month, with almost 500 members following the discussions to date.

Or more information about Motueka 2030 events during the month, and how to have your say, visit the website


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