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Schoolchildren to be rewarded for positive behaviour

January 24th, 2012
[by David Armstrong]

Four local schools are ready to launch a scheme with Motueka businesses to reward students for good behaviour around town.

The four local PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) schools - Motueka South, Lower Moutere, Parklands and Motueka High School - have combined to design a "Community Congratulations Card" scheme to reward young people for their good behaviour in town, reinforcing the respectful behaviour being taught in schools.

Starting this week and for the coming week or so, groups of teachers will be approaching businesses to ask them to take part in the programme and to distribute sets of cards for the businesses' use.

"We hope that every business and organisation in and around our town will join us," says one of the project's organisers, Linda Beatson of Motueka South School. "There is to be no cost to businesses!"

Businesses which for some reason are not approached within a week by a school and are interested in supporting the initiative are asked to contact Linda at 528 7533 to receive a set of cards.

The PB4L schools have printed off the cards and can continue to do so for as long as the scheme runs. Once distributed to businesses and retailers, it is up to those businesses as to who to give them to and why. The general idea, Linda says, is for business people who notice students engaging in good manners and respectful behaviour to stamp a card and give it to the students.

The recipient can be students from any school. The students then take their cards to their school, and it is up to the school as to how and when a reward is applied.

"It's really simple," says Linda. "The result should be reinforcing of the great behaviours that we all want to see from our young people."

For more information please contact the school office at any of the four PB4L schools, to speak to a school PB4L leader: Linda Beatson (Motueka South School), Andrea Smith (Parklands School), John McFadgen (Motueka High School), and Shelley Gibson (Lower Moutere School).


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