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New beautification projects in KMB's sights

August 22nd, 2012
[by David Armstrong]

Keep Motueka Beautiful (KMB) will soon be looking for some new major projects to tackle, as its popular Inlet Walkway development plan approaches completion.

At its annual general meeting held on Monday, project manager Bob Cooke said in his report that he is hopeful that "our five-year plan put forward eight years ago will be complete by the end of the 2012 year, which will complete an off-road walkway circuit of the Inlet Walkway".

KMB's system of walkways will then move into maintenance mode. The path between the northern end of the golf course and the Raumanuka Reserve, built by KMB, is expected to become part of the Great Taste Cycle Trail and therefore will be the responsibility of the Cycle Trail Trust.

The only other main path still to be developed is one connecting the saltwater baths with Old Wharf Road along the waterfront beach reserve, which Bob hopes will be included in TDC's annual plan for 2012-13.

KMB now needs to begin identifying other beautification projects, with the obvious ones being ways of making the town look more attractive and vibrant, including entry signs, murals, street fixtures and smarter shop buildings.

Eileen Wilkins suggested that Pukekohe provides a good example of how a town with interesting, bright art and fixtures can make everyone feel better about where they live and foster further ideas for town improvement.

David Ogilvie was re-elected as KMB's chairman, a role which he said he enjoyed very much. He in turn thanked Jim Butler, who had been secretary for many years but has retired due to no longer being able to drive to evening meetings. Margaret Birchfield's work as treasurer was also appreciated. Three new members of the committee were welcomed.

David said one of KMB's main role is to "encourage our family, friends and all contacts to exercise care for our town - gardens, street frontages, town entrances, street furniture, litter bins etc. Not just a 'neat and tidy' town but an attractive town with our unique character".

In his project manager's report, Bob Cooke said maintenance work and planting will figure highly in the coming year's work. For instance, when frosts are over another 1500 replacement trees will be planted around the inlet walkway and Adopt-a-Plot area.

Also the Kumaras walkway path will need significant repair after high seas damaged parts during winter. And the cost of sprays will be an extra financial burden for the next few years. The expenditure budget for maintenance for the coming year is nearly $18,000, kept low by the amount of voluntary labour provided by Bob and his helpers.


Comment by Philip Grimmett:
[Posted 3 September 2012]

The Jewel in The Crown. When looking for new projects for KMB, I think the beautiful Motueka River is a diamond that is awaiting discovery, hopefully in my lifetime. Currently public access to the river is ill defined, problematic, and largely neglected. In parts it is more of a commercial/industrial area than a recreational one.

I see a time when there is extended cycle/walking access which could range for miles up the river, creating a wonderful recreational area for picnics along the riverside and flood banks, swimming holes, fishing, walking, canoeing, and cycling. Imagine, you could walk/cycle up to Pangatotara and beyond! And possibly down the other side.

While the TDC is planning work on the floodbanks, this could be the perfect time to secure river bank access for future generations. This is the jewel in the crown for Motueka. Let us have a long term plan to appreciate and enjoy our wonderful natural taonga.

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