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Wharf Road walkway is one step closer

May 7th, 2011

An application has been made by the Tasman District Council (Engineering Department) to the Tasman District Council for resource consents to reclaim about 2500 square metres of the coastal marine area within the Motueka Inlet for the construction of a walkway and two bird refuge areas.

The reclaimed area will be a strip running along the north (town) side of Wharf Road from the High Street roundabout to Port Motueka. The land will be built up to a level chosen above high water tide and will include new plantings and a 1.5 metre wide path. Two broader areas will be planted to encourage native birds.

This walkway will provide the second last part of the walking path around the inlet; the final section will be from Link Park to York Park. Keep Motueka Beautiful has worked successfully on this project for several years, but the resource consent process for the Wharf Road path has proved a controversial stumbling block for the past two years.

With a modified resource consent application in place which will ease some of the points of issue, the work is now nearly ready to begin. KMB is now very happy that finally the project will begin, hopefully before the end of the year.

Any person may make a submission on this application. The final time for making a submission is 4.30 pm on 3 June 2011. You can read about the application in full at this website.


Comment by Valerie Rae:
[Posted 15 May 2011]

I fully support these consents and will be sending in a submission supporting the application. My reason for the support is one of people's safety and I think we have been very lucky not to have a fatality on this busy stretch of road, especially during the summer months when people walk along the road with children in prams/pushchairs and dogs and there are many cyclists as well. It is especially dangerous with large trucks driving from/to Talleys as well as numerous cars.

I also support the use of the soil being used for the birds, a suggestion Motueka Yacht and Cruising Club put forward to council as a solution to where the mud could go when dreadging the marina. Good to see someone is listening. Hopefully the consents will go through and work can be completed asap.

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