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Memorial bridge planned for Inlet Walkway

May 20th, 2010
by David Armstrong

The island, with posts marking the site for the bridge

A combination of generous offerings has led to Keep Motueka Beautiful (KMB) preparing plans for a "Remembrance bridge" to a small island near the Inlet Walkway, a place for walkers to sit and remember the heritage set up in the area by past environmental workers.

Bob Cooke told this week's KMB committee meeting of a sequence of conversations which has led to making this concept a reality. First, the family of recently deceased George Greenland said they wanted to donate $270 from George's estate to a walkway project, because George had loved using the walkways of Motueka.

Then the High School approached him with news it had won $400 in a competition, with the proviso that it be spent on a nominated community project. The woodwork teacher said he'd love to get his class to build a good quality bridge, and then ITM told Bob they would be happy to make up the difference.

The students have already begun fashioning the laminated beams that will be the core of the structure, and Bob will supervise the construction process.

The cost has been estimated at $1400, and a resource consent will be required so actual construction will not begin until consent has been granted. Bob said the bridge should be called the Remembrance Bridge, leading to a place to sit and remember those who have worked on beautifying the former sawdust dump.

The small island (cut off only at very high tide) is near the edge of the Adopt a Plot area through which the walkway runs. KMB committee members were told that over the past month two further paths had been created and two more plots prepared for adoption. There may soon be a rush for adoptions, because there is only enough room now to develop five further plots before reaching the boundary reed beds.

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